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Free collection and deliver*(*subject to the vehicle being road worthy, has a current MOT and is taxed. If the vehicle is booked for an MOT due to an expired MOT this is eligible for a free collection and delivery) Free wash and vacuum*(*for every vehicle of an invoice total over £80.00 including VAT. )

What Autoelite Offer

Induction system cleaning from £299+vat*
DPF Cleaning from £299+vat with a 12 month warrenty*
Autoelite carry out this induction system clean by firstly checking the condition of the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recurculation) valve, throttle body and removing and cleaning if required. We then run the BG Diesel induction system cleaner through the car intake system cleaning built up deposits and unburned fuel residues. Along with this process we use BG EPR (Engine Performance Restoration Flush) boosting fuel economy, restoring engine performance and lowing oil consumption.  Autoelite then fully drain the engine of oil and carry out an oil and oil filter change adding a BG DOC (Diesel Oil Conditioner) which maintains like-new diesel engine power and performance, neutralizes acids and acid corrosion, reduces friction and wear on engine parts, stabilizes viscosity, and prevents sludge through increased oxidation control and soot scatter technology. Upon all of this we add a fuel system cleaner which vanquishes deposits in combustion chambers, intake manifolds, ports and on valves and restores flow in fuel injectors.
This entire process also maintains the cleanliness and low build up of soot deposits which build up in the DPF, in turn giving your DPF an increased service life.
With the induction system cleaned we find that in most cases that the DPF gets cleaned with it and the soot content is reduced considerably to that near of new condition.
For excessively blocked or too high a soot content within the DPF we offer a full DPF cleaning service.
Autoelite carry out a full DPF cleaning service. By firstly measuring the soot content in the DPF and additional DPF back pressure, DPF temperature and lambda readings. If the DPF is excessively blocked Autoelite can remove, clean and refit your DPF thoroughly giving you a 12 month warranty for piece of mind.


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