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Air Conditioning

We recommend refreshing and de-bugging your air conditionings heating and ventilation system yearly and servicing your vehicles air conditioning system every 2 years.

During the use or lack of use of your Air Conditioning, particularly during the winter, condensation which builds up on the evaporator becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. We recommend that after our IMIAL trained technicians have completed your cars service a Refresh Treatment is carried out to de-bug built up bacteria, prevent unpleasant odours, reduce allergic reactions and give you healthier motoring.

We also recommend you use your air conditioning during the winter months as this keeps your system running efficiently, forcing oil around the system which in turn lubricates the seals stopping them from going brittle and leaking, especially good for getting rid of steamed up windows.

Benefits of service and refresh include:

A complete air conditioning recharge service £69.99+vat

A complete air conditioning refresh £19.99+vat

Have your vehicle’s air conditioning system recharged with gas and lubricant today, we will perform a full systems check before starting a regas to make sure your cars air conditioning is in top condition for the summer ahead.

The AA has been conducting its own investigation and its head of technical policy, John Stubbs, has said that:

"Air conditioning needs regular servicing by technicians who know what they are doing and who use manufacturer recommendations biocides to clean out the system properly."

"When a bad smell occurs, the car's owner needs to be certain that the air conditioning system is purged properly or the problem can return."

The majority of car manufacturers recommend that air conditioning units should be cleaned professionally at least once a year with a special disinfectant treatment.

This should be applied to the heater matrix and ventilation ducting to penetrate the build-up of dirt inside and to remove any germs, mildew or or unpleasant smells. Treatment usually takes no longer than 30 minutes.


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